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South Florida’s Tri-County Area of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach is not just a paradise to vacation in. As the gateway to South America it has beautiful weather all year round, exquisite beaches, perfect golf courses and most importantly for a large population of multi-cultured Americans and Residents, it is our home.


Birthplace to some of the best athletes in the Country, South Florida is not only a burgeoning location for developing athletes it is also one of the Country’s area with the strongest South American, Central American, Caribbean and European influence. Many South Floridians talk about Football or Futbol instead of Soccer and the opportunity to develop their favorite pastime in our backyard is tremendous. It is within this environment that we are continuing the task started by late Dr. Joseph Schulz of the Schulz Academy and have joined forces with the Athletic Club of Miami Football Club to create an elite Football Club called the Floridians F.C.


The Floridians F.C. yearn to establish one of the most competitive soccer (football) academy in the United-States. Based on the European principles that are the core of successful football clubs and headed by professionals from all horizon to guide the football club’s development. The Floridians F.C. are building their football club with the idea of developing its players in the areas of the four pillars football:

 - Technical;

 - Tactical;

 - Psychological;

 - Physical.


Furthermore, The Floridians F.C. educate its players with the basics of finance, marketing, management, branding, nutrition, health, education, mental preparation, coaching and more to ensure they are ready for the next level.


The Floridians F.C. incorporates education for all ages and all level of play yet concentrates on developing the best talents in South Florida. The Floridians F.C. are composed of various main entities.

 - The Mini Kickers, for players ages 4-6

 - The Football School, for players ages 6-10.

 - The Youth Development Program “Pre-Development”, for players ages 11-15.

 - The Academy Development Program, for players ages 16-19

 - Post Development, PDL and Placement, for players ages 19+

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